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Konjac Sponge Benefits - All you Need to Know!

Konjac sponge benefits are more than you may think. Our Konjac Sponges are made using extracts from konjac plants, which are grown at Yamamoto Farms in Japan. They are also made using listed and certified ingredients, without the use of petroleum, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Thus, they are 100% organic, since the konjac is cultivated by creating soil that takes advantage of natural circulation. With these facts in mind, we are going to present to you the most important konjac sponge benefits.

The most important konjac sponge benefits

Konjac sponge benefits include the calmness of skin irritation but also the soothing of redness and swelling. Their gentle feel and therapeutic capabilities will make the affected areas of your skin feel immediately relieved. Konjac Sponges can also be used as beauty products, since they can even out skin discoloration and combat signs of aging. They can also repair your damaged skin, thus they are a must-have accessory for a bright and glowing appearance. Additionally, they deeply clean skin pores, while also contributing to the removal of blackheads. This happens thanks to the slightly alkaline sheet of water which covers the surface of the sponge. This sheet of water removes impurities even without the use of soap. A major benefit of using Organic Konjac Sponges is the proper exfoliation of your skin. There is no better way to remove dead skin cells than a Konjac Sponge, regardless of your skin type. Finally, if you are affected by acne, our Organic Konjac Sponge Charcoal is the perfect product for you. It can be used on various affected areas of your body, like your face or your shoulders. The only thing you should be careful about is the harsh rubbing, so that you won't worsen the situation.

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