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Best Teethers to Pick for your Little One!

Teething is a thrilling milestone for your little one, but it can also be a painful and difficult time. However, this is where teethers come into the picture! Teethers become a must-have item for parents with toddlers who suffer from the disturbing consequences of teething. Usually, babies start teething when they are 6 months old. In some cases though, teething symptoms may appear a bit earlier, around 3 or 4 months old, or may not appear at all.

Teethers are here to save the day!

Common teething symptoms include drooling, troubled sleep, loss of appetite, biting and chewing. The latter happen because babies attempt to counter-pressure their teething pain by using whatever is near them. The easiest way to help your little one, is to provide them with a pair of teethers. Not only can a teether help your baby feel relieved, but it can also be a very fun toy. Additionally, it teethers act as Below we are going to present to you our favorite Baby Reversible Teethers from our collection.

Rising Sun Baby Reversible Teether Red

Just like every single one of our Baby Reversible Teethers, the Red version is PBA and Phthalate free. This means that they do not contain chemicals that could harm your baby’s health.

Rising Sun Baby Reversible Teether Blue

The soft yet durable silicone of these products soothes your child's gums while acting as a sensory toy. Additionally, they can also be reversed and change shape, so that they are always fun to use.

The best part about our teethers is that they are organic and absolutely eco-friendly! They are manufactured in Japan from premium materials and come in many different bright colors. If you would like to see our full collection of Baby Reversible Teethers, click here and find the one that suits your little one.

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