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Rising Suns Story:

Rising Sun was founded on a road less traveled mentality coupled with lofty aspirations. Offering higher quality & better products then currently available in the market. Rising Sun stands by its "made in Japan" call out. Above all it offers best value on price, all by using the finest materials.


It all started on a trip to Japan in 2017. I was travelling with my then pregnant wife. During the last day of our trip, in Tokyo, we visited a Japanese baby store. The product designs and quality were beyond what we've seen back home. We then decided to buy some "made in Japan" baby products for our soon to be born daughter. Fast forward several months later. We have been intensively using a variety of different baby products that we have received from family & friends. When comparing our baby gifts to the products we bought in Japan, we found them different... the ones that were "made in Japan" felt more durable, sleek and baby friendly. It was obvious that the raw materials used to manufacture and the quality were just better! At the time you could not have found these amazing products in North America. This was the spark that led to the rise of Rising Sun Baby.


In 2021 Rising Sun Brands was officially in market, and now expanded beyond its baby products. Rising Sun products are now available in home, personal care, and beauty.   Experience the wonders of Japan with Rising Sun!

Our Focus:

Rising Sun Baby – Essential Items for the new addition to your family, built on the principle of quality and efficiency.

You will be hard pressed to find a better teether, softer / higher quality crib sheet, or a better washcloth then ours. 

Rising Sun – The best personal care and beauty items Japan has to offer.  

Taking your personal care and beauty needs up a notch.

Rising Sun Home – Japanese efficiency, ergonomics, and design for your home.

Some items from other brands maybe a little cheaper but what’s the true cost when you must keep replacing them?  Rising Sun Built to Last!

Our Difference:

The road less traveled, instead of high output mass production, Rising Sun products are made by expert craftsman & craftswomen from small family run factories.  Their dedication to quality and pride of work is unmatched.

Your Purchase:

Your purchase of a Rising Sun product does more then you know.  Your purchase helps keep smaller artisan business running, keeping traditions alive and allowing crafts men and women to pass their knowledge & expertise to the next generation.     


The Rising Sun Promise.  No matter where you purchased our product, even if you are passed the return window.  We will make it right and make sure you are completely satisfied.



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